Up Next: Building the Small Bed

Work in progress…for now jumbled up photos.. words and organized post coming soon..

couple pallets left over from the first bed..
time to wash..

for sure the cleaning is easier in the tub with

propped up to dry
dry and ready for the sanding..
after sanding comes the sealing..
this on is easier than the first.. product left over and there are only two pallets for this bed platform..
using the roller on its own is easier than with the handle.. my hands are small enough and i can get the roller on both sides to seal with the roller in hand..

one pallet is broken which works out as they are too long to fit.. I need a saw..off to the Lowes Hardware..

I leave with this one..and soon return.. my neighbor has one that I borrow and it is Ryobi too (the same as my drill)..






checking the balance
annoyed that they don’t fit..

need to saw the other end.. aesthetics..
Jay from the salon let me borrow his circular saw for the final sawing..

lube for the screws. octagon soap.
first circular saw side complete

time to seal these redwoods with Thompson water seal..

Amazon delivers mattress.. later than promise despite Amazon Prime.. it’s here now..
mattress arrives..
it fits..






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